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Welcome to Sehto!


Where we roleplay: #sehto on [ooc: #dataclaw]

When we roleplay:

How we roleplay: Freeform - see below. Punctuation guide.

Last session had [archive]:

Sehto is a freeform pokémon roleplaying game, named after the region in which it takes place. It stands mostly by itself as an island set into the pokémon universe. It shares much in common with Johto in that most of it is described by generation two of the pokémon games - though similarities end there.

We're open to anyone in regards to roleplaying, though you are most likely going to enjoy yourself here if you have something of a masochistic streak and like to kick your own characters around a bit. Failing to do something in Sehto is just that much more fun than achieving all your goals.

For an in-depth guide on the concepts that make Sehto possible, please take a look at our concepts of the world page.

We're mostly comprised of facebook 'Send Pokemon' users, but as long as you have a facebook and access to IRC, you're welcome to join us in our discussion group.

Know also that this website is fairly low maintenance - if there's little changing over time, that's not because the roleplay has died. Hop to IRC and give us a poke, either in Send Pokemon's #pokemon channel or in #dataclaw as mentioned above.