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Major cities

  1. Ehqaj City

    Gym: #5: Haze Badge

    Gymleader: Rose Kaiki

    Description: Ehqaj is mostly populated by people who wish to be left alone. It is an industrial city responsible for importing and exporting to and from Sehto, but outside the business of the harbour, people are happy to keep to themselves, and the streets are mostly empty. Ehqaj is often blessed with sunny weather, though there is little plant life to make it an enjoyable experience - Ehqaj comes across as a cross between Kethi and Njoty, architecturally and by design, though its population is better compared to latter, approximating to one thousand five hundred inhabitants.

  2. Kethi City

    Gym: none

    Description: Kethi City is a sea-side resort and mostly residential town with a fairly laid-back atmosphere. It's population count hovers comfortable around the hundred inhabitants mark, though there are many tourists visitting this area, renowned for its beautiful white sand beaches, so at any one time, about five hundred people live in the confines of the city borders.

  3. Kzye City

    Gym: #6: Pyre Badge

    Gymleader: Keith Sirius

    Description: Kzye is nestled against the slope of Sehto's extinct volcano crater's side, mostly well-hidden in an almost martian landscape, surrounded at a bit of a distance by rolling hills of short, sun-bleached grasses. It's a town of friendly people that are sometimes too forthcoming to strangers. Aside from the permanent inhabitants of about ten families, Kzye is rarely visited by anyone other than pokémon trainers.

  4. Nahla City

    Gym: #2: Dust Badge

    Gymleader: Terry Kiran

    Description: Carved into the sides of a thin, winding canyon near its top, Nahla is primarily considered a resting place for those travelling between Nightclaw and Njoty. Permanent residents are rare, though the 'city' itself is almost always bustling with activity. Those that do live here are primarily researchers, but the most common encountered face in Nahla is that of the trader coming through from one of the coastal cities with fish. Despite this, Nahla has a respectable amount of inhabitants at about five hundred people.

  5. Nightclaw

    Gym: #3: Glint Badge

    Gymleader: Naomi Charna

    Description: The largest city on Sehto by far, Nightclaw is a coastal city that truly deserves calling itself 'city'. Having everything in common with cities as we understand it out of character, the only thing of note is the lack of skyscrapers - Nightclaw has always grown like a moss across the landscape, and the only building towering across the rest is their 'lighthouse', the Helix tower, at which's base is the pokémon gym of the city. Approximately nine thousand people live here.

  6. Njoty

    Gym: #1: Path Badge

    Gymleader: Cecile Madhukar

    Description: Njoty is a busy town submerged in an urban feel. At the crossroads between the tourist magnet that is Kethi, the mysterious Vereheq Ruins, Mount Black and Togi, Njoty sees itself as a pivotal point of trade, and has grown accordingly. It's one of the largest cities in all of Sehto, counting about two thousand inhabitants scattered about stout skyscrapers.

  7. Pyu Ivvi

    Gym: #4: Feather Badge

    Gymleader: Tove Zipporah

    Description: Pyu Ivvi is a sea-side settlement of fishermen. Superstitions rule supreme here and strangers are rarely welcome. With about five families living here permanently, everyone knows everyone else, perhaps with the exception of the gymleader, who seems refreshingly removed from the suspicious grouchiness inherit to everyone else.

  8. Taqnateh

    Gym: #8: Astral Badge

    Gymleader: Jagdish "Jagannath" Tsukinaka [strictly OOC information]

    Description: A tiny settlement at one of the highest spots on Sehto, Taqnateh is purely set up for pokémon trainers - it consists of a PokéMart, a PokéCenter, and the ominous pokémon gym set within the confines of a semi-ruined castle or cathedral of sorts, catering to all clichés. Breaking through this all is a glaring yellow sign at the town's entrance: "Private property. No trespassing. Pokémon trainers only."

  9. Togi

    Gym: none

    Description: Togi is a forest settlement in the murky depths of the wildlife between Kethi and Njoty - the town is set mostly in the trees for the sake of catching light of the sun, and is accordingly sparsely populated, as it is quite an effort. The inhabitants of Togi tend to be rather self-sufficient, and the town is made up of rag-tag individualists with strong agendas. Despite this, Togi is friendly to visitors, though it rarely receives any. A handful of families have permanently settled here.

  10. Vale

    Gym: #7: Vale Badge

    Gymleader: Yarver Bakema

    Description: The largest city after Nightclaw, Vale is another harbour city, though ironically not as important for importing and exporting as Ehqaj is. It's popular for a multitude of reasons - it is set amongst an interesting landscape pierced by unsmoothed rocks, but with lush vegetation scattered across it, and its vicinity to Corral Isle has made it a prime candidate for tourism.


  1. Corral Isle

    Legendary: Crinyx [strictly OOC information].

    Description: -

  2. Crystal Sea

    Legendary: Psynateh [strictly OOC information].

    Description: -

  3. Mt. Black

    Legendary: Fyrrcla [strictly OOC information].

    Description: It's a cave. Quite a generic one for the pokémon games, even.

  4. Roaring Hollow

    Legendary: Icechel [strictly OOC information].

    Description: -

  5. Valcee Cave

    Legendary: Stasycl [strictly OOC information].

    Description: Much unlike the more horizontal pathways found in Mt. Black, Valcee is full of vertical chasms and has more labyrinthine qualities. Water tends to run down the walls, and often the near-absolute darkness is pierced by light from far above. Fortunately, many generations ago, railings and platforms were set into this otherwise barely masterable cavern system, allowing relatively controlled motion through it.

  6. Vereheq Ruins

    Legendary: Solalon [strictly OOC information].

    Description: Ominous. It seems there was a city here once. It seems to have eroded far more than would be normal for the timespan its allegedly been here - and it seems to constantly attract mists, even during midday, when one would presume the sunlight to keep it away. At day, it thus always seems like dusk within, and at night, the light of the stars does not pierce through.

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