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Amaranth [Tarwedge Quill]

[Pokémon: Tauros]

Trainer: Yarver Bakema

Description: ...

Attitude: ...

Sessions: #013

Plotline: Vestur

Constantin Vadim [Tarwedge Quill]

[Human: Trainer]

From: Nahla City

Pokémon: Espora [Venonat], Lihas [Machoke], Nogi [Hitmonlee], Otrov [Arbok]

Description: Older brother of Dragomir, Constantin could not be any further from his sibling if he tried. He focuses on poison and fighting pokemon.

Aged 29, Constantin stands at 6' 5", towering over most people although his slim build making him less physically imposing. He never took to the same kind of active lifestyle as his brother, so is not as physically defined. He shares the same dark hair as his brother, although he wears it slightly longer, combed back neatly.

He usually dresses in jeans and fitted shirts with polished black shoes, exuding an air of something not quite encroaching on professionalism but more formal than casual.

Attitude: Constantin left Nahla as soon as he was 18, sick of seeing, in his opinion, "nothing but rocks and dirt and idiot travellers". He wandered aimlessly for a while before being sucked into the gym circuit, finding a passion for battling and training that had evaded him in his youth.

Gradually he built up a collection of fighting and poison pokemon, feeling that they suited him due to the mix of physical power which he himself lacked and the ability to dominate an opponent through a gradual crippling process of poisons. He is a relatively cold individual, with very little time for other people, including his younger brother.

Sessions: #010, #012, #015, #017

Plotline: Dienvidi

Dragomir Vadim [Tarwedge Quill]

[Human: Trainer]

From: Nahla City

Pokémon: Anklaga [Rhyhorn], Piatra [Onix], Sabbia [Sandslash]

Description: Hailing from Nahla, Dragomir Vadim (Dragos to his friends) is a young man with a great specialisation in rock and ground type Pokemon.

Aged 21, Dragomir has spent the last 3 years of his life working on the various excavations and explorations in the Nahla canyon, searching out the remnants and remains of prehistoric pokemon and human civilisations. He stands 5' 8" tall, brown eyes and short cropped black hair with lightly tanned skin, a byproduct of the heavy sun exposure that comes from having worked outdoors on the dig sites. Build wise, he is lightly built but fairly muscular, an athletic frame toned through years of outdoor activity in the canyon. He tends to dress in long shorts and t-shirts, with sturdy workboots.

Attitude: Growing up, he spent much of his time clambering around and exploring the canyon face with his friends, leading to his eventual entry into the field of pokemon research and heavy interest in rock and ground type pokemon. As is common to the people of Nahla, he reacts well to strangers and new people, being used to the constant stream of people coming and going in the city. Due to this, he is a very open and friendly guy, however he has something of a temper if he's forced into a situation he doesn't like.

Sessions: #005, #009, #011, #014