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Plotline: Vestur Plotline: Dienvidi

Plotline: Vestur

Krystal Kaiki [Kit Henson]

[Human: Trainer]

From: Ehqaj City

Pokémon: Cici [Horsea], Colby [Golduck], Hydros [Wartortle], Riley [Marill], Shiver [Seel], Tai [Lapras]

Description: (Daughter of Rose Kaiki)

Blue hair that comes down to her waist but she keeps it pulled up into a cascading ponytail with two forelocks that fall down in front of her face. Her body is lean and hard from her constant training with her pokemon.

Attitude: She wants to be a Water Master. She has a sweet temperament until she feels that someone is being mistreated. She will tend to hang back and let others make the first move unless she feels that she is needed. She doesn’t like to be alone but as she and her mother had what was a seemingly minor misunderstanding she doesn’t feel worthy to have friends . She trains in the ocean with her pokemon as often as she can. She arrived in Kethi only recently in an attempt to get as far away from Ehqaj as possible. She seems pretty tough to anybody else, but she is fairly fragile when it comes to her emotions so she spends more time with her pokemon than with people.

Sessions: #004, #006, #007, #008, #010, #012, #015, #017

Plotline: Dienvidi

Raina Dalca [Kit Henson]

[Human: Trainer]

From: Vale

Pokémon: Aidan [Arcanine], Thera [Persian]

Description: This little girl is as fiery as her hair. She may be young but don’t underestimate her ability to battle. Her Arcanine is very powerful and is so because she trained it so that she could become the best fighter ever. She seems fearless for all that she has managed to get into a lot of life threatening situations which she only got out of with help from her older brother or her Persian and Arcanine.

Attitude: ...

Sessions: #005, #009, #011, #014, #016