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Rose Kaiki [Neike Taika-Tessaro]

[Human: Trainer]

From: Ehqaj City

Pokémon: Camphora [Tangela], Redwood [Ivysaur], Runnel [Quagsire], Torrent [Poliwrath], Whitewater [Azumarill]

Description: Of average build, something about Rose suggests 'wife' even though she lives separated from her once-husband for several years now and has raised Krystal basically on her own.

She has brown, slightly wavey hair, reaching down just the slightest touch past her shoulders, thick and significantly reflective, though not unnaturally so. Her eyes, to contrast, are a sparkling, clear green, full of life and kindness.

She usually wears a white, long-sleeved blouse and a sleeve-less, dark green jacket above this, along with a necklace with a - probably fake - large, teardrop emerald as a pendant. The colours are in tribute to the lesser-known element of her gym: grass.

Attitude: Rose is a hard worker - and known in Ehqaj primarily for this - but ultimately introverted, quiet and fairly shy, even around her own daughter. That she demand anything is very out of character of her, and forbidding anything is basically unheard of. She is brimming with care for her daughter and all inhabitants of Ehqaj, and treats strangers in the city as if they had lived there all their lives, warm and welcoming.

Sessions: #008

Plotline: Norden

Dakarai N'Sehla [Neike Taika-Tessaro]

[Human: Trainer]

From: Togi

Pokémon: Iris [Venomoth], Paragon [HootHoot]

Description: Dakarai always introduces himself as 'Rhaptor N'Sehla', if at all.

His attire being black, featureless slacks, Rhaptor's coppery skin comes across as lighter than it is. His hair is a myriad of colours, base being a dark brown, but this being indistinguishable, as the short, flame-like hairstyle is riddled with streaks of various colours, ranging from white blond to black, with the extremes of the colour scale most numerous. His eyes seem to have no colour in particular, being brown flecked with silver and gold specks that seem in constant motion, a sliver of pale blue lancing through his left iris, a lack of pigmentation - people don't usually remember his eye-colour when attempting to describe him, or misrepresent it as black.

Attitude: Somewhat cocky, he seems a bit of a cynical misanthropist, though this exterior often melts away to reveal a strangely caring base emotion. Still, almost all he does seems to be laced with a certain bitterness, like a lesson learnt.

Sessions: #001, #002, #003

Iris [Neike Taika-Tessaro]

[Pokémon: Venomoth]

Trainer: Dakarai N'Sehla

Description: ...

Attitude: ...

Sessions: #002

Plotline: Vestur

Devi Ravi [Neike Taika-Tessaro]

[Human: Trainer]

From: Togi

Pokémon: Alula [Pidgeotto], Gramini [Nidorino], Holocaust [Arcanine], Khukuri [Tauretal], Viracocha [Persian]

Description: Shoulder-length black and copper hair gives her the impression of being a red-head, melting to a dark red impression at distance. She keeps the mostly straight hair tied up in a hair grip, the strands spiking out to all sides from it. Her eyes share the colour of her hair, maroon with speckled hints of copper streaking and darker patches, though appearing mostly uniform.

She's built fairly thinly, superficially seeming almost delicate, though her face breaks the gothic frame by being fairly round with a hint of very faded freckles at height of her cheek bones.

Her facial skin is slightly cratered with wide pores - no doubt due to childhood acne in combination with an obsessive compulsive scratching thereof - but it doesn't detract from her charming and perhaps even beautiful exterior. Her pale lips are never enhanced with lipstick, though she has a hint of red eyeshadow further underlining the crimson theme.

While she wears black, nothing about her hints at a sinister or faux-sinister personality - a wine-red shirt peeks out from under a black cloth jacket that seems to balance itself quite effortlessly between formality and casual, trendy style, with two function-less white laces tracing down from the open ends of its collar to her front, one on each side, reaching approximately halfway down her torso.

Her trousers tend to be a pair that she's grown to love: a thin pair of slightly reflective fabric, with four rectangular platinum-coloured metal pieces woven on their wide, top end into the outside of the trousers at height of her ankles, two on each leg, above each other.

Depending on the weather she wears a pair of sturdy black and dark brown sandals or a pair of black sneakers with silver detailing.

Her most constant companion is her backpack, which seems to have a hue as if someone had taken a painting of her and dissolved its components into a single medely of colour, a slightly dirty, perplexing colour doing the splits somewhere between black and a metallic hue not quite gold and not quite copper.

Attitude: ...

Sessions: #004, #006, #007, #010, #012, #015, #017

Plotline: Dienvidi

Branimir Dalca [Neike Taika-Tessaro]

[Human: Trainer]

From: Vale

Pokémon: Basalt [Donphan], Corundum [Ninetales], Obsidian [Houndoom], Sandstone [Larvitar], Slate [Aerodactyl]

Description: ...

Attitude: ...

Sessions: #005, #009, #011, #013, #014, #016

Yarver Bakema [Neike Taika-Tessaro]

[Human: Trainer]

From: Vale

Pokémon: Alizarin [Ursaring], Amaranth [Tauros], Carmine [Hitmonchan], Cerise [Primeape], Rust [Machamp], Scarlet [Kangaskhan]

Description: Yarver's broad build is effectively hidden under his attire: most of the time he's seen wearing a robe of tan or khaki colouring, plain but for darkened bands at the edge of his sleeves as well as at the collar, along with two broad lines patterned akin to celtic knots, one running from the bottom of the dark 'V' of his collar down to roughly the height of his lower chest, the other marking the left side of the robe down from height of his hip to the bottom edge, slightly askew to perfect placement, more visible from the front than the back.

His hair is long and a light grey that appears white - it's naturally devoid of pigmentation, but not due to his age. The very tips of his long, straight hair reach down to near the bottom of the small of his back. The light colour of his hair frames a slightly tanned face, from which two grey but lively eyes glint.

Beneath the robe he commonly wears a short-sleeved, light brown shirt and a darker brown simple jeans.

Attitude: Carrying with him a constant, slight air of bitterness, as if he had just barely transitioned from an experienced realism over to light pessimism, Yarver does not really come across as someone with much of a sense of humour. He takes very much of the world seriously - but equally, even though he rarely laughs about jokes, he is almost never offended by people's antics.

Sessions: #013

Plotline: Kelet

Munir Lys [Neike Taika-Tessaro]


From: Nightclaw

Description: ...

Attitude: ...

Tarmo Moed [Neike Taika-Tessaro]


From: Hoenn

Description: ...

Attitude: ...