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Liana Hunter [Tisiphone Taika-Tessaro]

[Human: Trainer]

From: Njoty

Pokémon: Angel [Houndour], Bolt [Rapidash], Etna [Magmar], Nova [Quilava], Scrape [Charmeleon], Static [Magnemite], Thunder [Dewgong]

Description: She is a slimbuilt female without which she's all that tall. She's not small though, standing at just over 190cm in height. She has magenta coloured shoulder length hair that she wears in a tight braid and although it isn't her natural hair colour it does suit her. She has fair skin without it being a creamy white but neither has she a tan and although she is out all day of every day she doesn't get sun burn. She wears loose and light coloured clothing most of the time and stylish sandals as well as a straw sunhat and stylish black sunglasses.

Attitude: She is kind and gentle to her pokemon and her family but otherwise she's a bit of a hard case. She has the tendency to look and act rather snobbish if people disrespect her. She's not the revenge sort of person usually but if some-one hurts her, her pokemon or her family she will avenge them or herself in almost anyway that she can. She has the smarts though, she's got several qualifications in english, the sciences, the arts and maths as wellas that while she's mostly a fire type trainer she does actually know her types.

Rex Murphy [Tisiphone Taika-Tessaro]

[Human: Trainer]

From: Kzye City

Pokémon: Vengeance [Nukivar]

Description: He is of medium height;standing at 5'8", slimbuilt with grey-brown eyes, ruddy skin and shoulder length thick dark-brown hair with blond streaks scattered haphazardly through it that is styled into a step,his fringe usually hanging over his eyes. He wears dark clothes a lot of the time and comfortable shoes, his dress-sense being most casual. He is very quiet when he moves and only makes a sound if he really wants to do so which hardly ever happens. He does not wear any sort of jewellry nor does he have any tattoos or other body markings, whether they be scars or not.

Attitude: He is a very calm and easy going person both inside and out; it takes an awful lot to rile him up and make him angry but his temper soon blows over and he does not hold a grudge, or at least not very often. He is fairly open minded and insults - or the like - will usually slide right off of him like water off of a duck's back. He is kind to all, even if they have insulted him in the past, willing to give people another chance. He can be very tough though and he is extremely well disciplined, not liking bad manners and rudeness for which he punishes heavily for if some one is rude to him without due cause. Should they have due cause to be rude to him - which is rare - then he just ignores them. Rex cannot abide cruelty to anything; especially children and animals - for them he will fight for the right to make themselves heard.

Scrape [Tisiphone Taika-Tessaro]

[Pokémon: Charmeleon]

Trainer: Liana Hunter

Description: Scrape has smooth dark red scales over most of her body while her underside is covered in pale creamy white scales that are the same colour as her claws. She's a little bigger than a normal charmeleon though it's not easy to see and her firey green eyes always seem to be glowing. Though she doesn't look it, she is a tough fighter and incredibly loyal to her trainer having known her all of ehr life, like the rest of her team mates.

Attitude: ...

Plotline: Norden

Fuchsia [Tisiphone Taika-Tessaro]

[Pokémon: Eryzard]

Trainer: Ayana Piener

Description: Fuchsia is - when on all four paws - thirty five centimetres long from tail tip muzzletip with glittering silver eyes. She has a hard sail raising from her head and another on her tail, both of which are a bright magenta in colour while the rest of her body is covered in silky smooth black scales. Both sails are disected by slim black ridges, some as slim as wire filament. She has four digits on each forepaws; one of these beign an opposable thumb while having only three toes.

Attitude: ...

Sessions: #001, #002, #003

Marcus Arsaga [Tisiphone Taika-Tessaro]

[Human: Trainer]

From: Kethi City

Pokémon: Antler [Stantler], Bear [Teddiursa], Fist [Tyrogue], Henge [Onix]

Description: Marcus is tall, big built without that he's fat, there's not an ounce of that on him anywhere; he's pure muscle. He has silver speckled dark brown eyes and tanned skin while his hair is short and mostly spiky although some of the hair at the front has a tendency to fall over his forehead if he's not gelled it back out of the way. He wears black bootcut trousers and reasonably tight dark coloured teeshirts, all designed to show off what he thinks is a great body as well as foot-hugging and sturdy walking boots. He doesn't wear any jewellry and he has a tattoo on his left bicep of a rose with his mother's name underneath it and on his right bicep he has an image of a snake with his father's name beneath it while on the back of his left wrist he has the image of a dolphin with his sister's name beneath it. Other than that he has no other scars or tattoos on his body.

Attitude: He is very cold, almost crass and pretty crude, he has a wicked temper and he doesn't get on well with many people but thsoe that he does get on with he will stick by through thick and thin. He's regularly in some sort of trouble but never very serious, the most he's done is get into fights with people ofver silly things. For all that he does have a good head on his shoulders and a good heart if you can get beneath the cold and crass exterior. He can be extremely cruel to animals and pokemon but he's never been caught at it; always managing to lay the blame on somebody else.

Sessions: #002, #003

Plotline: Vestur

Gaia [Tisiphone Taika-Tessaro]

[Pokémon: Cubone]

Trainer: Eli Anzell

Description: Gaia is small - as is typical for her kind - and the skull that she wears as a mask|helmet is pure white in colour and almost gleams. She has green-amber eyes and she is pretty fast at moving this shows in her taut muscles when she does move. She moves with a grace though, almost elegant. Almost. Her claws too are a shimmering white in colour; at least fi they aren't covered in drit sicne she loves to dig. Her golden brown skin is warm; almost constantly, but healthily so and is soft to the touch.

Attitude: ...

Sessions: #004, #006, #007, #010, #012, #015, #017

Holocaust [Tisiphone Taika-Tessaro]

[Pokémon: Arcanine]

Trainer: Devi Ravi

Description: ...

Attitude: ...

Sessions: #010, #012

Plotline: Dienvidi

Obsidian [Tisiphone Taika-Tessaro]

[Pokémon: Houndoom]

Trainer: Branimir Dalca

Description: ...

Attitude: ...

Sessions: #013

Thera [Tisiphone Taika-Tessaro]

[Pokémon: Persian]

Trainer: Raina Dalca

Description: Thera is small for her kind with very short and yet silky white fur; making her lighter in colour than a normal Persian, and to almost ingrain how different she is, her eyes - instead of being brown - are a pinkish red as is the jewel in the centre of her forehead. The black edging of her ears really stands out against the rest of her fur. She is incredibly lithe and very whippy; quite able to turn very quickly to defend her trainer, whom she is very protective of since she has known the girl almost all of her life.

Attitude: ...

Sessions: #005, #009, #011, #014, #016

Plotline: Kelet

Eirian Lys [Tisiphone Taika-Tessaro]

[Human: Trainer]

From: Nightclaw

Pokémon: Flux [Ditto]

Description: ...

Attitude: ...