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~I can put you out of your misery if you ask nicely.~

Vendetta is Mewtwo's adopted name in Sehto. Vendetta is deeply sceptical of humans and deeply resents pokémon trainers, but friend to Jagdish Tsukinaka, and quite capable of tolerating whoever Jagdish deems a friend, in turn. He's extremely battle-experienced and usually the first (and only) pokémon Jagdish calls onto the battlefield, known for single-handedly cleaning up an entire team of six opponents without as much as breaking into sweat.


Vendetta is a proud, independent creature. He has a deep inherent scepticism of humanity that can easily be (mis)interpreted as misanthropism given that he'll take their statements and actions in the worst possible light and has no issues treating them in accordance to his view of them. He doesn't so much hate people he hasn't met as that he simply doesn't wish to take the risk of opening himself to anyone. A consistently kind person (with the note that 'polite' is not a necessary requirement in the least) will eventually soften the bristly exterior, though he's not likely to drop his guard entirely.

However, he resents pokémon trainers that send their pokémon into battle, and to a milder degree the pokémon that follow them like mindless drones - the primary reason he is quite so willing to aid Jagdish in his battles and has no interest in holding back. He's of the opinion that pokémon following the lead of pokémon trainers are traitors to their species and should be treated much the same way as the humans that guide them, though due to the Council's stance on the matter, he rarely voices this thought. The stance has isolated him not only from humans but from many pokémon.

Paradoxically, his cruel perspective on those unfortunate pokémon comes from a deep respect for pokémon-kind. Unlike the other legendaries, which are content with placing their and human intellectual capacity above that of regular pokémon (as is unfortunately factually correct), Vendetta rejects this notion and believes that any pokémon that willingly battles for its 'master' is evidently pitiful at best and corrupt at worst.

His compassion for pokémon that struggle against their incarceration, is thus effectively infinite - and any sign that the pokémon he's battling with is struggling against its trainer will be met with an instant beeline for the human rather than the pokémon, regardless of what agreement (be that explicit or implicit) was made with Jagdish beforehand.

Nonetheless, he recognises the Council's authority absolutely. His hard limit as to what anyone is allowed to do to anyone else on Taqnateh's ground without Council or victim consent is death. Pre-trial, he'll interfere in fatal wounds attempted from pokémon on trainers, vice versa, or pokémon on pokémon completely without bias, as such an action would remove them from the Council's influence. Post-trial (and its verdict's execution), he's less vehement about protecting either trainers or pokémon and will let them sort things out amongst themselves if there are no witnesses to his inaction - and depending on his stance on the individuals, may even outright encourage such actions, or privately offer death to those he deems particularly pitiful.

He's allergic to whining and to exaggerated self-consciousness - a certain pride is necessary for Vendetta to consider you an equal, though arrogance is of course overdoing it. Tenacity is another trait Vendetta values - by proxy, he has a begrudging respect for Dakarai N'Sehla against all other overwhelming odds.

Vendetta would quote Jagdish Tsukinaka as his only friend, though it should be noted that Jagdish is not the most ideal friendship material to Vendetta, in the sense that while he fits the bill, it's 'easy' to do better. It's just circumstance that has let Vendetta get to know Jagdish well and vice versa, and due to Vendetta's persistent scepticism of mankind, he's unlikely to seek out humans to add to his friendship collection. Furthermore, the legendary Council and him do not get along informally given his views on trainer pokémon - and regular pokémon are few and far between in Taqnateh.

As a final note: Vendetta is vindictive (and gentleness is almost foreign to him) - not strictly sadistic. He takes no joy out of harming anything for the sake of watching the reaction it provokes; such a notion is disturbing to him on a very visceral level. For this reason, he avoids the company of Mew and would tell her to leave the premises if it were his premises to command. He can more than tolerate her presence when in the company of Jagdish (and he will save her life if he must because she's been drawn into battle).

Loyalties and Animosities in brief

Ordered roughly from positive to negative, Vendetta…

  • …is friends with Jagdish Tsukinaka.
  • …is protective over pokémon (as long as they don't voluntarily battle for trainers they may have).
  • …is deeply loyal to but nonetheless not friends with the legendary Council.
  • …tolerates Dakarai N'Sehla and has a begrudging respect for his tenacity.
  • …tolerates the other gym leaders (even Keith Sirius, if only by merit of Vendetta being oblivious to how much he and Mew are alike).
  • …tolerates non-battling pokémon trainers and other humans.
  • …resents pokémon trainers' pokémon as long as they seem to battle voluntarily.
  • …resents pokémon trainers who use their pokémon to battle.


Vendetta's history has no one static canonical form, but it's quite important that he's been together with Jagdish Tsukinaka in Taqnateh for at least two decades, simply because of his personality and that iz's hard to have the sort of relationship he has with him for any shorter timespan.

Known Moves

  • Confusion
  • Disable
  • Barrier
  • Swift
  • Psych Up
  • Future Sight
  • Mist
  • Psychic
  • Amnesia
  • Recover

The only level-up move Vendetta does not have is Safeguard.

  • Teleport (freeform)
  • Dynamicpunch
  • Ice Punch
  • Shadow Ball
  • Thunder
  • Fire Blast

(italics: inferred (as opposed to canonically RPed); bold: same-type attack bonus)

Descriptions from Sessions

Collected from Arsaga:

Dakarai's arms slowly slide away from Raiko's shape, letting him move… at least for a fraction of a second, before the Mewtwo narrows its eyes and draws Raiko up into the air, slowly, the air shimmering around him and keeping him immobile. In his mind, he can hear a frightfully dark voice command: ~Sit. Down.~ A moment later, he's been plunked onto one row of benches, the not entirely soft impact rattling slightly up his spine, even as 'Vendetta' begins to walk up the side, evidently planning to settle down beside him as his watcher. Hopefully, that was all this grouchy fellow was going to do - at whim of those psychic powers, Raiko felt like a Puppet, and a nightmarish vision of being unable to close his eyes crosses his mental landscape for a moment.

Vendetta shifts to sit on a seat right behind Raiko, letting its telekinetic grip on his shape relax as it does, instead resting its forearms on the backs of the seats of his row, three-fingered forepaws wrapping around his arms near the shoulders. ~Don't even think about it,~ its voice growls into Raiko's mind, referring to any future attempts of his to interfere.

The minutes drag on. And on. Until at precisely eight in the evening, without a second's delay - though she would have no means of noticing this, not having a watch on her or anywhere in the room - a blue ripple passes through the air in one corner of the room, displacing the air with a soft 'pop', and a long tail lashes against the cool stone walls as eyes narrow, fixing on her. ~I've been sent,~ the voice grinds into her mind, 'sent' lathered with distaste. ~To pass on a question. He asks whether you feel a desire to intake nutrients.~ Something about the wording suggests even the gymleader didn't phrase it that dryly. The pokémon stares across at Nikki with what can only be described as contempt. Static electricity seems to slowly pulse through the room, brushing her skin, making her hairs bristle.

Her motion to rise elicits a hiss, the plum-coloured fur wrinkling up across the creature's nose, the eyes narrowing to thin, glowing slits, a twitch touching the left shoulder of the humanoid. ~The question was of your desire, human,~ the voice snorts derisively. ~Whether we will cater to it is a different question - and you would be well-advised not to be as arrogant as to assume you can predict our actions. We may deem it fit to… correct your perceptions.~ The pause is accompanied by the gaze sliding across her body, making her tangibly aware of her fragile shape, and, in consequence, of her helplessness toward her captors.

A snort later, the tail whips around as though intending to curl around that vaguely feline shape - then Vendetta disappears much the same way he'd entered, becoming a brief flash of blue light, outlines extinguishing like a flame. The air rushes to fill the space with another soft 'pop' - and then she's by herself again, left to wait.

A blinding light floods the area suddenly, tearing a cry from Neike, who cringes further against the door - and a fierce, frustrated shriek is heard from Devi. As eyes adjust to the new source of light - a sun-like sphere hovering in the center of what is now clearly identified as an arena - the outlines of a purple pokémon can be seen behind Devi, half obscuring her to her comrades, humanoid figure having slung a left arm in stranglehold of her neck, right forepaw seizing her right wrist - the one holding the whip - and yanking it back with almost enough force to dislocate that arm, soft but guttural snarl surfacing from it, its tail lashing in pure irritation behind it.

The tail swipes through the air, missing the Dugtrio as it vanishes into the ground, leaving behind only the shadow of a hole. Uttering another hiss, forepaws sink into the earthy ground as though Vendetta were hoping to grab a hold of the fleeing pokémon, before they withdraw just as swiftly, palms pushing against the ground to raise the Mewtwo back off the ground into its hover, this time to a slightly larger distance, and, tail lashing the air irritatedly, its gaze seeks for signs of the Dugtrio, fur of its nose wrinkled, its shape darting to and fro across the arena, searching.

The Dugtrio's claws SLASH up through the air and toward the approaching fist, lancing up across the back of the Mewtwo's right forepaw and lower arm. Partially deflected, the icy strike lands beside its mark, a furious cold seeping into the ground pokémon from the spot, invasive, almost all-consuming - even as Vendetta darts backwards in the air, completing a reflex of withdrawal, its right arm raised and twisted to be subject to scrutiny, left forepaw curled to grip the lower arm at middle height. A furious red gash adorns the entire length of the lower arm, ripped up from near the two knuckles, across the back of its paw, all the way in shallow curve to the elbow. At its thickest point, the deep wound is a centimetre of violent red… beginning to seep crimson, matting the short purple fur around it.

After a brief moment of assessing this change of situation, Vendetta's features warp to a grimace, and it snarls loudly, eyes adopting a blue glow that is quick to fade out all human expression from those eyes. Its grip from its torn arm relenting, it raises its left paw through the air, aiming to raise the Dugtrio from its burrow and fling it at its trainer in PSYCHIC sling-shot.

There's no time. A moment later, Marcus finds thirty kilograms worth of Dugtrio impacting with his chest, knocking him effortlessly off his feet and onto his butt… before something grabs a hold of his left ankle, yanking at him as though trying to pull him out from under the fainted pokémon.

The fabric of his trousers slides audibly across the ground as he tries to sit up despite being dragged - a moment later, stay droplets of blood hit his left cheek as Vendetta snaps its right paw toward him, fingers curling into the collar of his shirt, lips pulled back from its teeth as it snarls into his face, left paw letting go of him in the same instant, swinging back as though to strike him with a punch - before darkness swirls around that paw, gathering in something of a sphere - a SHADOW BALL.

Trainerless, Daemon doesn't know how to approach this monstrosity. “Ee, ee, ee!” it frets in swirls above its trainer, bewildered, completely undecided whether to keep its attention on the crumpled shape of its master or the opponent in this battle. Vendetta, however, barely takes the opportunity to rest, though it does slow its battling in favour of something more relaxed. Forepaws spreading their digits as though across an imaginary plane, a spark of electricity travels in brief arc up across the undamaged arm, then from his right horn to the fleshy tube-like protrusion, down to its base between its shoulderblades.

The tension snaps as Vendetta brings its arms down beside its shape, lighting the room up with a rain of lightning, crackling and snapping, lashing toward the Butterfree as the move THUNDER.

It is probably ironically the fearful attempts to dodge the rain of electric arcs that cause one of the filaments of plasma to strike the pokémon, causing its internal muscles to disobey for a brief instant, breaking its rhymthic flapping, and throwing its fragile body to the ground as gravity gets a hold of it. The STUN SPOREs drift lazily through the air, ghostishly, like a veil toward Vendetta. Snorting softly, the purple pokémon squeezes its eyes shut - and once more blinks out of existence, reappearing near Marcus' sleeping shape. Giving its head a subtle shake, lazily turning to glance toward the fallen - but conscious - bug pokémon, it slides its right hindpaw through the air, before letting it rest on Marcus' slumped shape as though to denote possession, half standing on him, though without putting any weight into that limb.

A snort surfaces from Vendetta, derisive, before it throws its glance across at the gymleader. Blood drips slowly from its arm wound and onto Marcus, staining his shirt punctually, leaving a rather random pattern of fierce crimson on it. A moment of silence passes between the two - perhaps a mental conversation - before Vendetta reaches down to pluck three further pokéballs from Marcus' pocket, sneering at them as they come to rest in the valley of its left forepaw's palm, scrutinising them.

Vendetta rolls the devices around in that forepaw as though pondering what to do with them. Finally, it pushes itself away from Marcus' shape, trailing droplets of blood in a thin path away from his shape, walking in a casual saunter in the gymleader's direction, gaze latched on his as though it were not paying attention to anything else. As it passes Daemon, however, it pauses, shooting a glance down toward it as though contemplating crushing it with one foot, before smiling faux-sweetly and resuming its stride toward the man, coming to a stop before him long moments later, extending that forepaw to offer the pokéballs to him, head inclined, tail describing lazy curves in the air behind it.

A sphere of crimson rolls across the short purple fur, down across the index finger of that assaulted forepaw, suspended at the tip for a moment. Vendetta slides his gaze over his right shoulder, head moving subtly to match, and finds Marcus in a sideways glare.

The drop falls - the left paw rises, fingers curling back, palm facing toward Marcus, fingertips closing against each other, a thin hint of blue coming to outline his shape - and shatters against the stone floor - and as that heartbeat passes, the unscathed forepaw snaps forward, the fabrics of Marcus' clothes tugging at him, flinging him across the arena, onto his back and the ground, a slithering across the stone floor imposed on him by some unseen force.

Vendetta's sneer shifts into a smirk down at Marcus, grip unrelenting, a different force pushing at Marcus' shoulders, muting any effective squirming down to a writhe worth only a gesture. The pokémon raises its right paw in a motion sans haste, stretching the individual digits of the forepaw as it does, only to curl the reddened finger and drag the back of the same - where the rivulet of blood had left a thin trail - across Marcus' forehead in horizontal motion, leaving a faint smear of crimson.

From across the arena, Neike's voice can be heard shouting across: “Devi!” Footsteps, at a furious pace, slightly off-rhythm. As Jagdish snaps his gaze around, eyes narrowed, brows furrowed a touch, he spots Devi approaching as though to tackle Vendetta, face contorted in a snarl that might rival any wild pokémon - and apparently, Neike is trying to run to catch up, to no avail. Trying to stop her? - “Vendetta,” Jagdish remarks, hissing the word, soft though it may be. The Mewtwo snaps its gaze up and to the side, casting it at Devi as the girl leaps to tackle. - Something impacts with her chest, stopping the motion as though she had collided with a wall, before she is flung just as abruptly back toward Neike, plowing into her like a bowling ball striking a pin - just with the wind knocked out of the proverbial pin.

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