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Sehto has six legendary pokémon native to the island: Solalon, Psynateh, Crinyx, Fyrrcla, Icechel and Stasycl.


The legendary Council is a conference between the different Legendaries. Psynateh usually calls the legendaries together for it at request of either the Arbiter or Solalon. The Council exists as a way to form a ruling consensus, as the Legendaries consider themselves responsible for both the island's pokémon and human populations, though they aspire to being minimally invasive about it.


The Sehto Legendaries are the product of a Kyza Thornspirit's mythological dreams.

The six pokémon spawned from the Kyza's cultural opinion of some of the basic elements:

  • Light (encompassing sun, sky, moon and bioluminescence)
  • Fire (encompassing flames, lava and smoke)
  • Water (encompassing water, ice and clouds)
  • Energy (encompassing lightning, wind and gravity)
  • Blood (encompassing blood, flesh and bone)
  • Soul (encompassing souls, air, nature spirits and ghosts)

Metal and Rock, though part of Kyza mythology, are absent.

After their appearance, the Kyza revered the legendaries as their primary deities.

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