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Pyu Ivvi is a sea-side settlement of fishermen. Superstitions rule supreme here and strangers are rarely welcome. With about four hundred people living here permanently, it comes with a sense of 'everyone knows everyone else' - perhaps with the exception of the gymleader, who seems refreshingly removed from the suspicious grouchiness inherit to everyone else.

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Descriptions from Sessions

Collected from Arsaga:

After Njoty and Nightclaw, this little fishery village radiates much of a rural feel, set atop a low, grassy cliff, nestled into the mostly flat landscape, with a strange natural indent in the cliff face leading down to the port of Pyu Ivvi, piers made entirely of wooden planks and pillars, darkened by the waves. Not surprising if one considers the effect of the floods, their arrival was met with a strange suspicion… many curious, mistrusting glances cast their way, but little actual commotion.

If one didn't know better - and, honestly, our heroes don't - one could think that the arrival of the oddball group was being considered a bad omen, or that they were presumed to be the embodiment of evil spirits, taking human form to deceive the townsfolk. At least that's the air here, and it's not pleasant, eliciting forced smiles denoting 'We come in peace. Honestly. I mean, really,' in Devi's and Neike's faces.

The diffuse light cast through the clouds illuminates the area mostly uniformly, giving it an even more surreal feel than it normally would have, bathed in soft light, greying the planes of grass stretching inland from Pyu Ivvi, the perceivedly white colour of the cliff's stones a thin seam at the edge of the same… at least as long as they're not heading down the cobblestone path to the port itself, the landscape dragging itself down into a smoothed canyon, the earthy ground bleaching, becoming scattered with shells near the first wooden pathways.

The light is still comparatively dim, though broad rays of light are slanting across the landscape now that the sun is slowly beginning a path towards setting, the late afternoon taking its toll, so to speak. The light is no less alien, though, infusing the whole area with a surreal, dream-like feel. Mister Fishes is gone from near the PokéCenter, at least, and the nearest person is a woman carrying two buckets of freshwater along a barely visible path winding along the edges of Pyu Ivvi. This place has ghost town qualities.

Rhaptor had led the group of three south, towards a meadow leading out to a short lagoon, the cliff flattened out at this point, but the hills around the area shielding it astoundingly efficiently from the wind. The dale's flattened at the edges, and an old, weathered sign pointed out that the area was intended for camping.

“Pyu Ivvi is a small town. You mentioned that the route 'tween them and Nightclaw's been compromised by floods. Did you stick around to find out anything about their local mythology?” A chuckle later, half an explanation: “They probably thought you were trolls.”

“Their folklore's mostly centered around fishing, and the sea. I suppose you can guess why - it's just what they do there,” Catherine chuckles, explaining it, crossing her arms casually. “So, with that comes a deep respect from water. And they're a small town, so notions prosper quickly - Taisto mentioned something about them believing rivers are guarded by trolls. I bet they think floods are caused by them, too. And if the only way you could have arrived in their town was through a flooded area, they probably think you're either under the protection of the trolls, or are some yourselves - since trolls don't like people.”

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