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Jagdish Tsukinaka's more unusual skills are those bestowed on him as a Spirit of Thorn. He's unaware of most of them; and of those he's aware of, he's not aware of their scope.


Jagdish can create arbitrary inanimate matter, technically speaking, but some are significantly more intuitive for him to handle than others. From easiest to hardest:

  • metals
  • minerals
  • other solids (organic or otherwise)
  • gases
  • liquids

How easily he can create something also heavily depends on how familiar he is with the object, how complex its shape is, and whether he could create the item given the raw materials by regular human means. As such, while he's technically capable of conjuring an electronic device out of thin air, the chances of him managing that (especially since he pointedly refuses to think much about the details of his power) are so slim as to be non-existent.

A way to bypass most of those restrictions is to let dreams do the work for him. For that to work, sleep has to be long, restful, and contain a clear picture of what is being created. That's how a Kyza Thornspirit dreamt up the Legendaries. (Jagdish, meanwhile, is entirely oblivious.)


Jagdish can bend solids. That's not the same thing as bending it with regular physical forces, however - things don't snap or splinter if he handles them this way unless an additional outside force is applied, though things attached to them in the right way certainly might. Substances can be shaped into whatever form he pleases this way, but not expanded or reduced - their volume remains the same (unless their density could be changed by normal human strength, such as a sponge; he can apply that sort of pressure as well). Note that he does not need to be able to see the object directly, he just has to know it exists and what its current shape is - so he could hypothetically reach into someone's body and bend a bone… were he aware of this ability at all.


Jagdish could be said to have a form of pyrokinesis - however, he's almost fully unaware of this ability, despite its potency. It's not a form of pyrokinesis that comes with much flame or light at all - it's more of a capability to turn arbitrary objects to ashes and melt metals, much akin to the fate of things that end up burnt by Thorn itself. There's nothing subtle about it. Jagdish's knowledge of this comes solely in the form of being able to heat metallic items he's conjured up with minimal additional thought - the expense is so minute that he doesn't really consider it a separate process at all.


Creatures born on Sehto capable of the emotion of trust (i.e. chiefly pokémon; not, for example, non-pokémon insects) tend to bestow it upon him without any overt cause, on instinct. Creatures that have lived on Sehto for a significant amount of time but that weren't born there still do, albeit less so, with the degree of reduction proportional to the amount of time they've lived elsewhere.

By necessity, he's quite aware of this, though he doesn't know that he could deepen it if he wished, and extend it to those who don't feel it by instinct. He could, with some effort, turn all of Sehto into de-facto minions willing to do his bidding, simply by merit of the ground they walk on and rely on.


Ironically his weakest Thornspirit power, his psychic tricks are some of those he's most familiar with. A mild telekinesis that lets him nudge at inanimate objects from a distance (always push, not pull) is something he occasionally uses for dramatic effect; being able to turn the light on and off without any motion-detecting devices or buttons obviously pressed is certainly just about dramatic enough for him.

Furthermore, he has a gift (if he chooses to use it) to determine if someone is lying - a very mild form of telepathy. He could technically push this one further, but he's never registered the ability as a psychic one, just as a particularly fine-tuned empathy, so he hasn't thought to try. If he did think to push it further, he could probably uncover the whole web of emotions in his victim's mind - and with some calm analysis dissect and interpret the whole thing until it spoke to him of motivations, virtues and vices.

A product of this weak telepathy is his ability to understand pokémon unmistakably. Understanding pokémon is not a Thornspirit exclusive ability - regular human beings can learn to understand pokémon quite intimately, but that's usually per-pokémon and based on experience with said pokémon (such as Dakarai N'Sehla with Iris and Keith Sirius with his Raichu), whereas it's more instinctual with Jagdish.

The last trick is superficially related to the first, though he rarely uses it unless pressed: Much like Mew or Mewtwo, he can create a psychic light: An orb of faint orange hue like a tiny, dim star. He used it 'frequently' during his first years as a gym leader in Taqnateh, but after being accused to be a pokémon in disguise on four separate occasions, has decided that it makes him feel too inhuman. Instead, he asks Mew to be his light for him.

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